Boost your SEO with scraping

October 11, 2021 - 0  min reading time - by Jérémy Legrand
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+700% increase in sessions in less than 1 year
8% of global traffic obtained thanks to HowTo displays
+50% more productivity for the content team

Scraping to cross-analysis and set up an efficient SEO strategy

Discovering and highlighting problems

Find out how Jeremy dealt with the classic problems of sites with high volumes of pages by using scraping. This allowed him to better segment the site and prioritize SEO actions.

He was able to crawl more data, track the implementation of structured data, and even drive the content strategy.

Jeremy and his SEO team gained more flexibility and responsiveness, and are now able to implement changes as quickly as possible.

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    " We use scraping a lot. It is for us a real added value of the tool.
    When there are specific problems, it gives us direct access to the information we are looking for. We can quickly identify the pages concerned and act on them. We avoid over-soliciting our technical teams and it saves time for all our employees.
    Similarly, it's often complicated to judge the quality of the content we produce. Oncrawl gives us the numbers we're interested in directly and allows us to build detailed reports to track the metrics we want. In addition to the classic monitoring of content production, we can get warnings when some of our KPIs are down or not reached. This allows us to be more efficient and flexible and helps us to implement changes as quickly as possible.
    Jérémy Legrand Head of Marketing & Acquisition at Vroomly

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