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Audit your website's technical SEO performance

Check the health of your website to identify and resolve technical SEO issues and watch rankings climb.

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8000+ analyses per month
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Is your website a good candidate for a technical SEO audit?

Since technical issues can prevent search engines from discovering, understanding or displaying your pages in their results, technical audits concern all websites. It’s good practice to audit a website regularly, though whether that means once a quarter or once a year will depend on how large your site is, the technologies used to build and render it, and how often its content changes.

It’s also best to audit technical issues whenever there are major changes to your site, such as migrations or redesigns.

Why use Oncrawl to perform a technical SEO audit?

With Oncrawl, you will get all the data you need related to your technical SEO in one place. It allows you to do a checkup of your site and a list of detailed guidelines and recommendations to:

  • Find and fix technical issues
  • Identify your orphan pages, hreflang errors, canonical conflicts, etc.
  • Reduce server load by making Google’s crawls more efficient
  • Deliver faster loading pages
  • Increase organic traffic

Using Oncrawl, you will improve your rankings and get actionable insights through cross-analysis of data from different sources.

What do you need to perform a technical SEO audit?

SEO Crawler picto

Oncrawl SEO Crawler

Audit your website to discover and fix technical issues; watch your rankings improve.

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Oncrawl Data³

Pull data from external sources into your technical audits for cross-analysis, using imports and connectors for Analytics solutions, Google Search Console and more.

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Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer

Discover how technical elements influence how Googlebot crawls your website and address crawl budget issues.

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" We needed an SEO solution that was adaptable: in SEO there’s no ‘one strategy fits all’. And we found it with Oncrawl. We were able to define the structure of our site based on our end goals, and with the API, create the exact dashboards we needed. In a single year, we saw an increase of 70% in traffic to our site and we’ve seen similar improvements in conversions. "
Robert Dawson-Goodey SEO Technique at Carwow

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